Troye Sivan Responds To Nude Photo Leak By Dropping Dacks

ICYMI: Troye Sivan recently joined a long list of celebs who’ve been dragged through the mortifying hell-scenario of having private nude photos of themselves leaked online.

But, like a designer jockstrap, the Perth pop sensation has snapped back in the most stylish way possible: by releasing a new range of designer unisex under-duds.

First off, the way Sivan initially alerted fans to his semi-nude pic leak was both hilarious and classy:

But the singer also qualified his cucumber-cool response with a second tweet, explaining how the gross violation of privacy truly made him feel:

And now that he’s gone and had some time to reflect and ponder the whole situation, Sivan has announced his official response: a brand ~spankin~ new line of unisex underdacks:

Now if semi-nude photos of you ever leak, at least you can make sure you’re reppin’ for ur boi Troye and looking mighty stylin’ in the process.

FYI apparently you’ve only got a week to wrap yourself in a Sivan-banana hammock before these babies are out the door, so get in quick.

And remember, only shitty people share nude photos without another person’s consent. Plus it’s illegal. So just don’t do it, y’all.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 3.38.46 pm


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