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Tupac Was Almost a Jedi

Written by Nastassia Baroni on January 8, 2014

The world could have seen Tupac Shakur don the robes of a Jedi knight in Star Wars says one of the rapper’s former collaborators, who claims Tupac was preparing to audition for George Lucas himself for the Jedi role shortly before he was shot dead in Las Vegas on Sept. 13, 1996.

A former employee for Shakur’s record label Death Row, Rick Clifford, told last week that ‘Pac was supposed to read for the role of Mace Windu in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, a part that eventually went to actor Samuel L. Jackson.

“It’s sad because ‘Pac found out that I worked for Brian Austin Green, who was on 90210, then he found out I was in some movies. So we always talked about his film career and stuff,” Clifford said in the interview you can check out in full below.

“He was telling me that he was supposed to read for George Lucas,” he revealed. “They wanted him to be a Jedi. Yes, I’m serious, Samuel L. got Tupac’s part. He said ‘Old Man, keep your fingers crossed, I got three movies coming up. One of them I gotta read for George Lucas’.”

The legendary rapper was already making a splash in Hollywood around the time of his death, scoring starring roles in the 1992 flick Juice, ’93’s Poetic Justice and ’94’s Above The Rim. But according to New York Daily News, George Lucas’s production company Lucasfilm has yet to comment on the accuracy of this recent revelation.

Listen: interview with Death Row’s Chief Engineer Rick Clifford.

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