Twelve Foot Ninja Unleash ‘Project 12’

Melbourne-based ‘genre-hopping’ outfit Twelve Foot Ninja has announced plans to release their 2012 studio effort in a not-too-conventional way. Silent Machine will be released through a scheme known only as Project 12.

What is project 12? All gather and I shall tell you a tale. Twleve Foot Ninja will be releasing one track a week for 12 weeks leading up to the official album release date of November 2nd. Accompanying each single will be a comic, masterfully illustrated by internationally recognised graphic novelist Kieth Draws.

Each comic will be the visual stimuli to the associated track, drawing influence from the lyrics of the tracks from the band’s debut album. Fans will be able to pre-order the album from the band’s official website, and those who do will be directly sent each week’s new goodies.

The first few weeks of the project are set to unfold as follows: The band will be giving away the album title track Silent Machine and comic in week 1 for free. Week 2 sees the release of the first official single and video off the release with Mother Sky. You will be able to keep track of all the happenings from the website also.

As the weeks continue, the story will develop and fans will truly see how deep the plot will go. Commenting on the campaign, Guitarist Stevic MacKay stated: “People who are into our band have come to expect the unexpected from Twelve Foot Ninja, so we hope they are happy with the fruits of our labour and how we are releasing it.”

Take a goosey gander at the promo video below, but be warned, shit looks awesome. Now it’s up to you to plug in and watch Project 12 unravel.

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