Tyler, The Creator (Literally) Drops New Album Announcement

Leave it to the brave leader of the OFWGKTA clique to announce new album plans in the most over-the-top way possible. Screw press releases – Tyler, The Creator dropped fellow Odd Future cohort Lionel ‘L-Boy’ Boyce from a plane, leaving him to shout all the deets on new album Wolf as he plummeted down. With a parachute, of course.

The simply but effectively titled Wolf can be added to your Odd Future collection on Tuesday, 2nd April. In the meantime, you can get a bit of a sample of the album in the form of the maiden single, which will drop tonight on the Odd Future website, along with a video clip.

Pitchfork can hardly contain their excitment on this one and have unveiled the three alternative album artworks for Wolf, which you can examine below. That top one is an absolute cack.

Wolf will follow in the footsteps of its older bother, Goblin, which, it’s safe to say, ruffled more than a few feathers.

Tyler has already announced a run of North American and European tour dates so expect some Aussie dates in the near future – fingers crossed.

Watch: L-Boy Announces New Tyler, The Creator Album




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