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This Video Of Kids Reacting To Metallica’s ‘Hardwired’ Will Make You Feel Old AF

Apparently kids these days aren’t heaps keen on thrash metal.

Unlike those pre-teen badasses from the Jack Black movie School Of Rock – who are now totally grown-up FYI the youth of today just don’t seem to have a deep appreciation for the heavier things in life. At least, not according to a new video dubbed Kids React To Metallica.

“I think I saw Kylie Jenner wearing one of their shirts, but I never heard of them,” says one young whipper-snapper after being exposed to Metallica for the first time via their thrash-tastic new single, Hardwired.

But if there’s two things we can agree upon, it’s that kids are adorable and internet reaction videos are hilarious.

So here you go friend, enjoy Kids React To Metallica. And if you happen to find yourself weeping for the future of our species, then check out this video of adorable children cover Slipknot’s Duality, destroying a house & all of our expectations for a pick-me-up.




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