Vivian Girls Release Free “Choose Your Own Adventure Game”

Vivian Girls’ Katy ‘Kickball’ Goodman has been dabbling in Ruby programming, releasing a simple text-based adventure game where you get to try out to become the band’s tour manager.

Like most text-based adventure games you can be taken down various paths, and one wrong answer could kill you, or, in this case get you fired. Some answers are pretty easy to answer, but I bet it won’t stop you from answering the odd smart arse answer, just to see what harsh reaction you will get. For example: “Get the fuck out of here. We hate you.”

To play the game you may need a little bit of know-how to get it going; there are some pretty simple instructions to make it work below.

Directions for Mac OSX:

1. Download the file! Right click and save THIS FILE. Save it in your Downloads folder. Hit “enter”.

2. Open your Terminal application. (if you don’t know where this is, just do a search for “terminal”)

3. Go into your Downloads folder by typing “cd downloads”. Hit “enter”.

4. Type in “ruby viviangirls1.rb” (feel free to copy and paste that)

5. Enjoy! It should take you about 2 minutes to play.

Directions for PC:

You’ll need to install the necessary files for Ruby to interpret the code.

More details on Goodman’s website.

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