Watch An Underage Guitarist Forced To Perform Wirelessly Outside Licensed Venue

A guitarist from Portland band Ancient Burials came up with an ingenious way to get around age restrictions at a bar the band played at recently.

As Metal Injection points out, the band – who describe their music as techdeathcore – were booked to play at the Hawthorne Theatre.

However one of their members was turned away as he wasn’t yet 21.

Rather than call it a night, the young guitarist and another band member grabbed wireless packs and stood outside the window where the rest of Ancient Burials were playing.

Clearly the setback didn’t phase the young metalhead, as he shredded hard outside the venue, much to the delight of passers buy.

The video was uploaded by a member of Paradigm Shift who were also performing on the samew night.

“So our homeboy in Ancient Burials was a bit too young to play inside, so we hooked him up with some wireless gear,” said Paradigm’s Galen VanEeckhoutte.

“I think it has to do with Oregon’s state laws. In my younger years in Michigan playing gigs they always just marked my hands with an X.”

Check out the clip below:

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