Watch Beyoncé Steal The Show From Coldplay At The Super Bowl Halftime Spectacular

The year’s most blockbuster union of music and sport has once again captivated millions.

Even those who don’t know a god damn thing about American football are well aware that the Super Bowl’s halftime show is an event in and of itself.

Over the years we’ve seen wardrobe malfunctions, miming scandals and plenty of truly WTF moments alongside incredible performances and big ticket productions, and the 2016 edition didn’t disappoint.

Mark Ronson was a surprise guests, appearing with Super Bowl veteran Bruno Mars for a rendition of their monster hit, Uptown Funk.

And the stage became a veritable Mount Olympus when pop goddess Beyonce joined the pair for an ace mashup of the song with her just-released black power anthem, Formation.

And even though Coldplay were the billed headliners, their pre-recorded medley of Yellow, Viva La Vida and Paradise complete with marching brass band paled in comparison (and probably, soon to be, our own memories) compared to Queen Bey’s dynamite show.

To our knowledge, B didn’t pull any major dorf faces (this time). But she did use the opportunity to announce a freaking world tour.

Altogether, while there were no nip-slips or left sharks, this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance was nothing short of a blockbuster. Mainly thanks to Beyonce.

Relive all the action below.

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