Watch: Coheed And Cambria Reveal New Bassist

Approximately eight months ago Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd was arrested after robbing a pharmacy.

As Music Feeds reported at the time, Todd held up Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Attleboro, MA by using a cell phone with a note that claimed he had a bomb. Todd then stole six bottles of Oxycontin before fleeing in a cab.

Shortly after the incident, Police intercepted Todd and arrested him just before the bassist was due onstage with his band, who were opening up for Soundgarden.

Todd was fired from Coheed and Cambria. He is currently awaiting trial for unlawful possession of prescription narcotics and armed robbery.

In an update from Antiquiet, Coheed and Cambria has finally announced Todd’s replacement — Zach Cooper. Cooper formerly slapped the bass for AM to AM. In addition to this, Coheed and Cambria also have a new drummer Josh Eppard , who takes over on the skins from Chris Pennie, who left the band after citing creative differences.

Watch: Introducing… ZACH COOPER

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