Watch Corey Taylor Acoustically Cover Two Dookie-Era Green Day Songs

When he’s not yelling at maggots to sit the fuck down, throwing shade at the music industry, laying the smackdown on Kanye West or being a general badass motherfucker, Corey Taylor is showing us his sensitive side.

The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman recently performed a solo acoustic show in New York’s Irving Plaza, where he outed himself as a Green Day fan by performing not one but two songs off the pop punk act’s seminal 1994 album, Dookie.

Fan-shot footage of the intimate gig shows Taylor performing stripped-back renditions of the lesser-known Dookie tunes Pulling Teeth and She, to a surprisingly massive contingent of Green Day fans in the crowd. And just as well.

“If you can’t fuckin’ get down with that, then I’m sorry we can’t be fuckin’ friends”, Taylor tells the audience, before launching into quite a charming, harmony-layered cover of Pulling Teeth, which the singer describes as a “fucking killer” song.

Corey Taylor also recently stopped by the internet to answer a bunch burning questions from fans via Reddit. We learnt no less than 18 things from his AMA session, which we’re more than happy to pass on to you, friend.

Check out Taylor’s one-two punch of Green Day covers, below.

Watch: Corey Taylor – Pulling Teeth (Green Day Cover) Live, NY 2015

Watch: Corey Taylor – She (Green Day Cover) Live, NY 2015

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