Watch: Corey Taylor Explains Collaboration With Dave Grohl

More and more details are starting to emerge about Dave Grohl’s massive documentary endeavour. The Sound City Studios doco has been coined as the main reason he and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor ended up in the studio together, as Taylor has said in a recent interview.

As the story goes, according to 98 KUPD “[Dave Grohl] sent an email to me, basically explaining this huge project he was doing – the documentary around the infamous board that he got from Sound City, which so many people have recorded on – myself included – we did ‘Iowa’ on that board…He bought it, and I loved the idea that he was like ‘how many albums have been made on this board?”

The collaboration has been closely monitored by media and fans alike since word broke a few months back. With the Stone Sour album sessions having recently finished, and no real pressure to get the Slipknot new album out, the two have been hard at work with Nirvana’s producer Butch Vig.

Taylor added “He wrote the song, he sent me a demo of it and I was like ‘this is fantastic’ and I just basically wrote the first thing that came off the top of my head. He didn’t even hear it until I went down there to record it…”And I laid it down and he was just like “wow”. Because we did it old school – two inch tape, take after take after take. He loves the analogue sound. And with that board, man. It just sings, it was really, really cool.”

There has been no date locked in for the release of the doco or the tunes that will be associated with it. Though considering the fact that bands such as Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Rise Against have used the studio, it’s going to be a killer flick. You can watch the interview below.

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