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Watch Corey Taylor Lay The Smackdown On WWE NXT Giant, Baron Corbin

“Slipknot ain’t nobody in my house.”

Those were the fateful words uttered by WWE NXT cyclops Baron Corbin to Corey Taylor behind-the-scenes at California’s rock and metal extravaganza, Aftershock Festival.

What erupted was a biffo of David-vs-Goliath proportions.

Literally, Corey Taylor is not that tall and Baron Corbin is like the genetically engineered giantspawn of Gregor Clegane and the cave troll that gores Frodo in Fellowship Of The Ring.

But as anyone with half a braincell can tell you, you shouldn’t insult Slipknot in front of the Maggot Master.

CT went psychosocial on Corbin’s ass, asserting full dominance with an authoritarian pimp-slap to the side of the head, before Corbin’s wresting opponent Samoa Joe stepped in to bum-rush Corbin into the metal stairs.

Watch the whole thing – which 100% legitimately happened and was not staged at all because wrestling is REAL GODDAMMIT- below.

Watch: Baron Corbin Vs Corey Taylor @ Aftershock Festival

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