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Watch Dallas Woods & Kee’ahn Cover Fat Joe’s ‘What’s Luv’ For Triple J Like A Version

Dallas Woods has jumped on Like A Version this week. Taking Kee’ahn along, the pair covered the 2002 classic, ‘What’s Luv’ by Fat Joe and Ashanti.

It’s such a fun cover already but Woods powers it up by littering the song with early noughties references.

Both Dallas Woods and Kee’ahn throw lines from Missy Elliot’s ‘Work It’, Eminem’s ‘Without’, and Ashanti’s ‘Rock Wit U’.

They also refer to tracks like Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’, the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ song, and Busta Rhymes’ ‘Break Your Neck’ throughout.

In his Behind the Like A Version interview, Dallas Woods said, “It’s one of those songs that [has] a nostalgic feel. It takes you back to the time where I first started falling in love with music and that whole era.”

“Big shoutout to the early 2000s and everyone that was there.”

“RnB was the wave,” says Woods. You know how you hear people say ‘back in my day, that was lit’ or ‘that was the wave’.

“I feel like that old person now. Back in the early 2000s Fat Joe killing it.”

“It’s Fat Joe, come on, do your research.”

The pair also shared a performance of their collaborative single ‘Stranger’.

Watch their performances and the Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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