Watch: Dave Grohl Takes Cheeky Jabs At One Direction And Foo Fighters In SXSW Speech

Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote speech is now a matter of public record and, as expected, the charismatic musician and doco director delivered his 50-minute lecture with plenty of humour.

Among the many memorable moments, Grohl takes a light-hearted jab at One Direction, demonstrates how he played music as an adolescent one-man band, notes the stupidity of the name Foo Fighters, discusses his time in Nirvana, the passing of Kurt Cobain as well as talking up his quality documentary Sound City.

Grohl even casually remarked in regards to one particular novelty track that has become the most viewed video ever on YouTube, “I can truthfully say out loud that Gangnam Style is one of my favourite songs of the past decade.”

In another candid moment, Grohl opened up about how the loss of Cobain stole his passion for playing music for a time:

“When Kurt died, I was lost. I was numb. The music I had devoted my life to had now betrayed me. I turned off the radio. I put away my drums.”

In other Grohl-related news, the Foo Fighters’ frontman told Billboard that although the Foo’s next album is only in its early stages, he already has some ‘unconventional’ plans for when it comes time to record:

“Well, we’re just writing right now. When we start working on a record, what I’ve found is we work best at our own pace, and sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it takes a while… I have a crazy idea of what I want to do with the next record and how we record it. It’s not conventional. It won’t be a conventional record.”

Sounds…unconventional. Godspeed, Mr Grohl.

Watch: Dave Grohl – SXSW 2013 Keynote Speech

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