Watch Father Calm His Crying Baby With Nine Inch Nails

We don’t have the exact figures handy, but getting babies to stop crying is probably pretty big business. Among the many products being hocked to desperate parents looking for some peace and quiet are Babies Love CDs that feature delicately arranged, lullaby-like covers of rock songs.

“Stuff that,” says this kid, the progeny of one Gary Kennedy, whose video of his crying child instantly calming upon hearing the opening bars of Nine Inch Nails‘ pulsing 2013 single Copy Of A has gone viral, with parents the world over almost certainly wishing their kid was as cool as Gary Kennedy’s.

“For whatever reason this song always makes her happy. The song is Copy Of A by Nine Inch Nails. It’s worth the buck or two for the track if it works this well… I thank Trent Reznor for turning my crying child into a smiling dancer,” writes the proud father in the video’s description on YouTube.

Watch: How To Stop A Baby Crying With Nine Inch Nails

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