Watch Flume Trash Sydney’s Lockout Laws In Fist-Pumping ARIA Acceptance Speech

Flume has used one of his many 2016 ARIA Award acceptance speeches to spread the Keep Sydney Open message to hundreds of thousands of people watching the ceremony from home.

Taking to the podium after bagging his sixth gong of the evening — this time for ‘Best Dance Release’ — the beatwizard unleashed some heat on the NSW Government and its widely-despised lockout laws, which just yesterday helped earn Sydney a bottom-rung ranking in a survey of Australia’s ‘Most Fun Cities’.

In a fist-pumping speech, the artist otherwise known as Harley Streten implored Premier Mike Baird & co to quit their inexplicable campaign to disembowel the city’s culture and nightlife, going on to thank community radio stations and small venues for their hard work in keeping local music alive.

“I want to say a big thank you to the venues, especially the small venues and the small parties that are doing what they’re doing, because that’s where music evolves, that’s where all the exiting stuff happens, and that’s what’s getting shut down right now,” Flume said.

“To our policy makers and our politicians, please keep Sydney open so that the young artists, so that the next generations of musicians, can have the same opportunities that I had.”


Watch footage of the big #ARIAS2016 moment below.

UPDATE: Flume has dominated this year’s ARIA Award winners. Catch our full wrap up and all the winners, right here.

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