Watch: Foo Fighters Play “Parking Lot” Super Bowl Gig

Pre-Super Bowl parties were in full swing across the US this weekend and Seattle rockers Foo Fighters showed their support to home team and championship hopefuls, the Seahawks, in a two-hour concert held in a New York “parking lot”.

“They always put us in the parking lot. Did you see Foo Fighters on the Grammys? In the parking lot,” joked frontman (and recent Grammy winner) Dave Grohl at the band’s concert at the Bud Light Hotel Amphitheatre – which was, in fact, a temporary stage under a tent in a parking lot.

“But you know what? I like being in the fucking tent in the parking lot with you guys,” continued Grohl. According to Billboard the Foos were visibly energised to be back on stage for what the frontman estimated was one of three gigs the band’s played in the last 18 months, including a surprise gig in a Los Angeles pizza joint. You can watch part of the show below.

They opened their set with a hattrick of All My Life, Times Like These and Rope. In the two hours they also drilled out The Pretender, Arlandria, a “bluesy” take on Tom Petty‘s Breakdown and Best Of You. They also took a cheeky dig at the corporate event, playing early track Big Me, whose music video famously sent up such overt corporate endorsements.

As has been their recent tactic, the band stayed secretive about their new material, deciding against showcasing anything from their much-anticipated new album. “I wish I could play you our whole new record, but I don’t wanna do that yet…It’s a fuckin’ surprise,” teased Grohl.

Watch: Foo Fighters – Bud Light Hotel Amphitheatre February 1st 2014

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