Watch Gwar Decapitate A Tony Abbott Effigy At Soundwave

The universe’s mighty gods of gore and heavy metal, Virginian (by way of Antarctica) sons Gwar, have once and for all proven their status as the undisputed champions of carnage when they decapitated an effigy of Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott on stage at Soundwave. The gathered crowd of revellers then enjoyed an outpouring of the PM’s blood, sprouting from his exposed jugular veins.

The Vine reports, just a few songs into Gwar’s Soundwave set, a Tony Abbott character walked out on stage, sternly telling the band that they’ve got to finish up. It is at this pint that the Abbott effigy was swiftly decapitated by lead singer, Oderus Urungus’s sword. A shirtless stagehand kept a grip on Abbott’s hips so that he didn’t blast the band in the face, just the crowd and a couple of unwitting photographers. Watch a video of the scene below.

For those who’ve kept up to date with Gwar’s pre-Soundwave preparations, this ritualistic decapitation would not have come as a surprise. Urungus made clear the band’s plan to win over the nation in an interview with The Brag earlier this year. While Previous Gwar audiences have been privileged to witness the onstage slaughter of Lady Gaga, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Urungus said they had in mind only one particular victim for their Soundwave appearance.

“I don’t wanna spoil it, but there’s one victim in particular who I think is going to win over Australia forever. When this person dies onstage, it’s basically going to make the entire country enter Gwar’s thralls for all eternity,” Urungus told the publication. “So we’re very much looking forward to coming to Australia and killing Tony Abbott. Oh shit, did I just say that?”

While master of the universe Oderus Urungus seemed proud of Gwar’s revolutionary efforts, he revealed to Music Feeds yesterday that Abbott’s decapitation didn’t actually take. “We chopped his head off yesterday and then, I was watching the news this morning about Manus Island and there was Tony Abbott on the news,” said the angered frontman. “He grew a head overnight! What kind of Prime Minister do you have? He is some kind of necrotic, vampiritic, thing-like beast!”

Gwar will continue their Soundwave shock antics as the festival makes it way across the country and will delight devout fans with Sydney and Melbourne Sidewave shows later this week. They’ll be sharing the, most-likey blood and guts drenched stage, with Amon Amarth, Satyricon and The Black Dahlia Murder.

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