Watch Josh Homme Destroy A Heckler During QOTSA’s Splendour Set

As we all know, Josh Homme is not a man to suffer fools. Which is why when one plucky dickhead got up on his mates’ shoulders expressly to flip off the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman during his band’s Splendour In The Grass headlining set on Saturday night, he copped a brutal serving.

Homme went full fiery ginger on the heckler’s arse, publicly humiliating him with an acidic tongue-lashing in front of the 27.5K punters in attendance.

“It’s past your fucking bed time son,” the singer quipped with the cool-headed bravado of a comedian crossed with a dad to the power of Chuck Norris before proceeding to dismantle his vibe-killing assailant.

Mess with the King Baby Duck, you get the beak.

Watch footage of the whole exchange below, courtesy of triple j.

Gallery: Queens Of The Stone Age – Splendour In The Grass 2017 / Photos By Maria Boyadgis

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