Image: YouTube/Andrew Kimmel

Watch Lady Gaga Stop In At Fred Durst’s Jazz Show To Play Frank Sinatra Covers

In what is the wildest collection of words in recent memory, Lady Gaga popped in at Fred Durst‘s L.A. jazz night to perform a couple of Frank Sinatra covers.

To catch you up, every Thursday night Durst hosts a jazz night at Los Angeles’ Black Rabbit Rose and none other than the Gags came through to offer her iconic voice.

“I’m here to ruin the party,” she said before starting to sing. “I’m so sorry.”

She performed covers of Sinatra classics like ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ and ‘Call Me Irresponsible’. Of the latter, Complex reports that Gaga said “my whole life, you know, I’ve been called irresponsible.”

“It doesn’t make me so mad because it’s kind of true. And I like to hear the truth.”

Gaga has had a pretty impeccable 2019 so far, having won two Grammys and an Oscar.

Watch a clip of the performance below.

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