Watch Marcia Hines’ Latest Video, Misdirected By Russell Crowe

It’s fair to say that 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, later somewhat mercifully renamed The Ordinary Fear of God, weren’t as embraced by the public as the frontman’s acting career. And if this new Marcia Hines video is anything to go by, Russell Crowe‘s directing career won’t go down so well either.

Just what the hell is going on in this collaboration between one of Australia’s most beloved R&B voices and the Oscar-winner is anybody’s guess. The surgery scenes and the naughty nurses are seemingly a play on the the title, Remedy, but they’re juxtaposed so awkwardly we’re not sure if we should be on the edge of our seats, tapping our feet or getting in on what’s actually a huge trolling.

The song itself — a cut from Hines’ latest LP, Amazing — is quite a pleasant slice of Motown-style rock and soul, and Hines’ pipes sound better than ever, but the clip might have just set the benchmark for cringeworthy in the YouTube era. Readers can check it out for themselves below.

Watch: Marcia Hines – Remedy

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