Watch NoFX’s Fat Mike Get “Booted” In The Face In Perth

NoFX‘s frontman Fat Mike has once again found himself in an altercation with a fan, only this time it was the punk singer who was struck by a boot to the face. It’s not exactly an eye for an eye situation, though — unlike Mike’s recent foot-to-face attack on a fan, this footwear wasn’t attached to any leg.

As reports, things got particularly rowdy at the SoCal punk band’s Metro City gig in Perth last Saturday after a bottle was hurled at the frontman, real name Mike Burkett.

Amateur footage obtained by shows Mike calling out the bottle tosser and demanding “somebody fucking kick him in the fucking head”. “I can’t do it because I’ll fucking make TMZ again,” said Burkett, referencing the recent incident in Sydney where he kicked a stage-invading fan in the mouth.

Burkett then removes his bass and walks to the front of the stage for a heated exchange with an audience member. Stage crew hold Burkett back and attempt to calm him down while guitarist Eric Melvin backs up his frontman by berating the fan further.

“Throw his arse out – fuck him. Take his pants off, shove something up his arse, and throw him out,” said Melvin. “I’ll sell the footage to TMZ myself,” added NoFX’s second guitarist El Hefe.

As Burkett makes his way back to the mic another fan launches a shoe that strikes Burkett perfecting on the side of the head. A clearly fed-up Burkett then tells the crowd he’s cutting fan fav Stickin’ In My Eye from the setlist.

“We’re not playing that anymore. No, you know what? I was having the best fucking time tonight of the whole tour. This was my favourite fucking show and you have to throw a fucking bottle at my face, or whatever the fuck hit me. What an asshole,” said Burkett.

The rest of the show reportedly carried on without any problem, and NoFX did end up playing Stickin’ In My Eye before the set ended.

No doubt some people feel Burkett deserved a boot to the face after the nasty kick he delivered during the beginning of NoFX’s Australian tour, though it must be frustrating having bottles tossed at your head when you’re just trying to do your job.

Watch: Fat Mike Get Hit In The Face By A Shoe (Via

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