Watch: Radiohead Play Coachella 2012

Coachella is a festival that most people dream about attending, and for good reason. With an impeccable lineup each year, it’s become one of the biggest festivals in the world, regardless of the capacity. However, for those unfortunate not to be attending, the kind folks at Coachella have teamed up with YouTube to bring us live streaming of the festival for all three days, including acts such as The Black Keys, Swedish House Mafia, M83, Childish Gambino and Radiohead.

Now thanks to the Internet, these sets have been made available in full for us to watch at our own comfort. Radiohead’s set, which is split up over 9 parts, consists mostly of more recent material rather than their first three groundbreaking records. Now bless your ears with their wonderful sounds!

Set list

1. Bloom (1:05)

2. 15 Step (7:30)

3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (11:40)

4. Morning Mr Magpie (17:25)

5. Staircase (22:40)

6. The Gloaming (27:20)

7. Pyramid Song (31:10)

8. Daily Mail (36:30)

9. Myxomatosis (40:15)

10. Karma Police (45:15)

11. Identikit (50:30)

12. Lotus Flower (54:30)

13. There There (59:55)

14. Bodysnatchers (1:05:40)

15. Idioteque (1:10:00)

First Encore

16. Lucky (1:17:20)

17. Reckoner (1:21:50)

18. After the Gold Rush intro, Everything In Its Right Place (1:27:25)

Second Encore

19. Give Up the Ghost (1:37:20)

20. Paranoid Android (1:43:04)

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