Watch: Ronnie Radke Vs I See Stars – Hecklers Kicked Out Of Show

Falling In Reverse main man Ronnie Radke’s recent decision to kick I See Stars off his tour has been met with some backlash. Hecklers at a Detroit show seriously rubbed the vocalist the wrong way, resulting in him kicking them out of the venue in spectacular fashion.

As you can see in the fan-filmed footage below, FIR are between songs mid set when a group can be heard chanting “I See Stars!”. Once the chants get louder than the rest of the roaring crowd, Radke reacts, turns, requests the crowd lights be put on and asks that they be kicked out.

“Can you kick the five people who are saying ‘I See Stars’ out of here? Right here, please!” he can be heard saying, adding as the group attempt to blend into the crowd, “The people who are too afraid to say anything – right there. I see you, right there. Kick these motherfuckers out. I don’t care where they’re from, I don’t give a fuck. You better show some fucking respect to me, motherfucker.”

Though the exact story is somewhat unclear, Radke booted contemporaries I See Stars off the current The Thug in Me Is You tour following a spot of legal trouble on account of drugs. Radke, having battled drug problems in the past, according to Loud Wire, “did not want drug users in my environment.” According to Radke, management then sought a second chance for the band, promising they would be on their best behaviour. Radke agreed, but according to a statement, later gave them the flick once and for all after ongoing issues.

Here’s where the plot thickens. I See Stars and their people have straight up denied the claims, and promise to reveal their side of the story in good time. Via Banana1050.

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