Photo: Sloan Peterson/YouTube

Watch Sloan Peterson Go Absolutely Apeshit On An Apartment In ‘Parasite’ Music Video

Sloan Peterson is fresh off the back of an east coast tour, and now the Sydney singer-songwriter is letting off some steam by trashing a luxe apartment in her new video for ‘Parasite’.

If you haven’t heard the tongue-in-cheek, bouncy yet venomous track yet, be assured that this is one for fans of some of Lily Allen‘s earlier work. It’s catchy, but the lyrics are masterfully blunt and barbed.

“There are people who can be taken advantage of in life, maybe they are people pleasers or have self-doubt,” Peterson said of the song, which she co-wrote with Lime Cordiale.

“But then there are the opposite people who don’t have a grasp on how their behaviour could be affecting others. That’s kinda what parasite is about, being taken advantage of and being sick of it.”

And sick of it Sloan Peterson is in the song’s music video, where she trashes her boyfriend’s apartment.

“My work delights in the restraint, control and calculation often required of a woman in the world today,” director Stephanie Jane Day said of the video in a statement.

“Parasite: the music video takes this control to the next level, with Sloan methodically destroying her boyfriend’s luxe upper east side apartment. It’s chaotic, cathartic and speaks to the often-maddening side of relationships.”

Watch the video for ‘Parasite’ below.

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