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Sloan Peterson: The Songs, Artists and Films That Inspired ‘Lost Illusions’

Sloan Peterson released the seven-song Lost Illusions EP on Thursday, 27th October. The record was written while Peterson was going through an identity crisis. “Music is my therapy,” she said, “and listening to these songs reminds me to enjoy the present, and appreciate the little things.”

Sloan Peterson is the stage name of Joannah Jackson, who counts permaculture, counselling, acting and modelling among her many interests and sources of inspiration. Here, Sloan Peterson names the songs, artists and films that had a major influence on Lost Illusions.

Sloan Peterson: Lost Illusions

1. Mark Ronson and Angel Olsen

Sloan Peterson: Mark Ronson was my influence throughout the production for ‘Sick & Selfish’. I had been listening to the Mark Ronson album Late Night Feelings. It features some of my fave artists like Lykke Li and King Princess. I loved the repetitive drum beat on ‘True Blue’ feat. Angel Olsen, so that’s how we started to piece the song together… that drum loop.

2. Angus & Julia Stone

Sloan: Angus & Julia Stone were influences for ‘Bittersweet’. It was a melancholy summer track I imagined wanting to hear as I drove through tree-lined streets with the windows down, humming the “la la la” sections.

3. Billie Eilish and FINNEAS

Sloan: The first song on the EP, ‘Miss Me’, is my favourite. I was listening to Billie Eilish’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? album on repeat. The production and lyrical content was just so relevant to my environment at that point and I needed to express that through my own songs and creativity.

4. Grease

Sloan: I grew up dancing and so fascinated with musical theatre. I always wanted to do a cover and the song ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’, from Grease, felt like it was written for me. The whole EP is from the perspective of a heartbroken romantic who has a lot of self doubt. This song was just me in a nutshell in relation to the other tracks.

5. Julia Jacklin

Sloan: I really love the way Julia can tell a story so emotionally and raw through her songs and make them so personal yet relatable. ‘Miscommunication’ is one of the untouched songs on the EP, a story about my life inspired by the vulnerability of artists like Julia.

6. Benee

Sloan: I loved the playfulness of Benee’s earlier songs. I took a lot of inspiration from the production, wanting the room chatter and noise of the studio to be a part of some of my tracks, like ‘Miss Me’ and ‘Nightmare’.

  • Sloan Peterson’s Lost Illusions is out now.

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