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Watch Stephen Colbert & Eminem Crash A Community TV Show, Broadcast Wacky & Awkward Interview

Bespectacled funnyman and soon-to-be David Letterman Late Show replacement Stephen Colbert has commandeered a local TV talk show on American public access cable called Only In Monroe, and used it to spotlight a “local Michigander, who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music”.

Said Michigander actually turns out to be multi-platinum selling rap superstar Eminem, introduced as his real world alias Marshall Mathers, and interviewed by Stephen Colbert as if he’s some nameless schlub who makes a living freestyling for hotdogs at the local Kwik-E-Mart.

Together, the pair chat about the local issues, belt out some Bob Seger tunes and discuss the merits of carpentry.

“Are you one of the slow talking rappers, or one of the fast talking rappers?” Colbert asks. “Where do you hope this goes? Is this a career or more of a hobby? Is this just sort of like a thing to do with your buddies on the weekends?”

Why the high-profile pair committed to appear on the 42-minute programme, which airs exclusively in the town of Monroe, Michigan, population: 21,000, probably has something to do with the fact that Colbert is geeing up the masses in preparation for his Late Show debut in just a few short months, on September 8th.

He’s certainly keeping us on our toes so far, the cheeky double-breasted suit wearing devil.

Check out footage of the whole thing below (Eminem comes in at around the 22 minute mark).

Let’s just hope the exposure gives this promising young rapper the big break he needs.

Watch: Only In Monroe – July 2015

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