Watch Two Ruthless Child Journalists Grill Vance Joy

American students Piper and Olivia from web series Kids Interview Bands put some very, very tough questions to Vance Joy while the Melbourne singer-songwriter was in Ohio recently.

Piper and Olivia got straight into it, asking Vance Joy (real name James Keogh), what funny things he sees when he’s on stage performing. “Usually in my crowd it’s mostly girls, but there’s sometimes a guy that’s with them, like a boyfriend or just a dude,” Keogh replied.

“And I sometimes see really big guys, big masculine kind of muscly guys really enjoying enjoying themselves… That makes me laugh, or just makes me excited to play.”

Piper and Olivia managed to pull some other juicy tidbits from Keogh. He’s absolutely loving future tour buddy Taylor Swift‘s new single Shake It Off at the moment, and would love to hang out with Gonzo and Kermit from The Muppets. As soon as Kermit was mentioned in the interview, Keogh even scored a plush Kermit toy from the girls!

“This is like the most memorable interview already,” he exclaimed, overjoyed.

The girls finished the interview with their most difficult question yet, “What’s the most amazing thing you know?” Keogh, in true inspirational fashion, replied, “You can do anything you want and you can be limitless as a person… Everything is possible.” Well played, Keogh, well played.

Watch Kids Interview Bands‘ interview with the Kermit-loving Vance Joy, below. Vance Joy will tour Australia in March.

Watch: Kids Interview Bands – Vance Joy

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