Watch Wannabe MP James Mathison Spit Epic Fire At The NSW Lockout Laws

The NSW Government’s lockout laws are doing to Sydney what most Australian Idol contestants did to countless pop classics (straight-up butchery).

And if anyone should know, it’s former host, James Mathison.

The former Idol and [V] presenter has activated full polly mode, now that his bid to challenge ousted PM and notorious onion-chomper Tony Abbott for his stronghold in the seat of Warringah at the upcoming election has been made public.

And Matho is doing more than just engaging young voters with his passionate, no-bullshit approach to issues such as marriage equality, housing affordability and greenhouse gas reduction, he’s also speaking out about policies well beyond the scope of his would-be federal mandate.

In a new interview with MTV, the wannabe MP has taken aim at the NSW liberal government’s much-loathed lockout laws. And in case you’re wondering, he thinks they’re well fucked.

“They’re telling us that they have to keep us safe, but they’re also saying ‘We don’t trust you as an adult to be able to go out responsibly’,” Matho unleashes against #CasinoMike & co in the impassioned yet logical tirade.

“You can transform the culture by just educating people and so live music is dying. DJs are dying. Fun is dying. Where do you go to dance? It’s like Footloose. You may as well ban dancing.”

He continues: “And they’re saying ‘Look at the numbers, look at the figures. Violence is down’. Violence is down because everywhere is shut.”

“Everyone is staying home, no one is going out. So you’ve had a 60% drop in violence, well you’ve had probably the same drop in the amount of people going out.

“We’re not children.”

Matho also acknowledges the twin coward-punch tragedies that sparked the sweeping draconian legislation two years ago, but points out the widely-acknowledged logic that – had 10pm bottle shop closures, 1.30am lockouts and 3am last drink laws been in place at the time – the deaths would not have been prevented.

“Those king hits that happened where horrifically tragic,” he says. “They happened at 9-10 in the evening” (also on the street, not inside licensed venues FYI).

“We’re told ‘This will keep you safe’…and what cost, you know?”

Sydney’s lockout laws are currently under review, with findings informing their continued reign of terror due to be delivered in August by former judge Ian Callinan.

You can stay up to date with all the latest info via our dedicated Lockout Laws Feed.

Meanwhile, Matho is set to go toe-to-toe with Tone in the federal election on July 2nd.

Watch his epic anti-lockouts rant in the video below.

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