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Waxamilion Releases New Single ‘Superbloom’

Waxamilion has released a new music video for the track ‘Superbloom’. The track is a new single that is being made by the Austrian guitarist Max Dornauer and is the next single after his last album called Random Notes which was released by them in December, of last year. 

“Superbloom is a typical WAXAMILION tune in the sense that it is very much centered around the clean, jazz-ish guitar playing and musical technicality paired with a more hip-hop and electronic style production. Compared to the songs on my latest album Random Notes it is a bit different though. I think, or hope, that Superbloom is a bit easier to digest for the non-music theory nerds. The track has less chaotic jumps and weird chord progressions than my latest work and it features an easygoing melody that repeats several times throughout the tune. With this approach I’m curious to see if I’m able to broaden my pool of listeners while still staying honest and authentic towards my long-term fanbase.” said Dornauer, while speaking about the new single ‘Superbloom.’

“Superbloom” – Waxamilion

Max “Waxamilion” Dornauer who hails from Austria, is an amazing musician and is known for his light and easygoing style and his ability to mix genres. He started his music career at the tender age of six and has grown into an amazing songwriter and production enthusiast over the years. His musical blend is a fusion of RnB elegance and rhythmic melodies of rock and metal. 

You can stream the new single “Superbloom” from here.

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