RÜFÜS DU SOL To Release Live Album And Film, Shot & Recorded Alone In The Desert

Sydney’s own EDM trio, RÜFÜS DU SOL have announced they have both a live album and film in the works for us. Recorded and filmed in Joshua Tree’s desert, over in California, we’ll be receiving both releases on Friday, 6th March.

RÜFÜS drummer, James Hunt, explains the idea came on a writing trip in Joshua Tree while they were working on their 2018 album SOLACE.

“We stayed up all night writing as the sun rose, this creeping light over the valley made its way into the room. We climbed these wild rock formations to a little vista at the top, about 100 feet above where we were writing and sat to take in the sunrise. We were listening to tunes on a speaker and someone put on Time by the Pachanga Boys. Watching dawn break with this epic 15 minute journey playing out, we started joking about putting together a sunrise set in the desert where we would play to no one.”

“People talk a lot of shit in the desert at 5am, but walking around this alien world at dawn, we definitely felt there was something calling us back out there.”

The trio then spent 18 months workshopping ideas and locations before settling on a sunset shoot in September last year.

“We originally planned for it to be a live stream, but as the idea grew and the production got bigger and bigger, it organically morphed into a film. It’s something that’s taken two years to pull together and something we are so excited to share with the world and make available everywhere.”

We’ll be able to catch the live RÜFÜS album on Friday, 6th March. The film will be release on Youtube on the same day.

Catch the track list for the live album, and a trailer for the film down below.

RÜFÜS DU SOL: Live from Joshua Tree Tracklisting

1. Valley of the Yuccas (Live from Joshua Tree)

2. Eyes (Live from Joshua Tree)

3. New Sky (Live from Joshua Tree)

4. Desert Night (Live from Joshua Tree)

5. Solace (Live from Joshua Tree)

6. Underwater (Live from Joshua Tree)

7. Innerbloom (Live from Joshua Tree)

8. No Place (Live from Joshua Tree)

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