What So Not Has Announced He’s Taking A Break From Music

Producer Emoh Instead (Christopher Emerson) has announced he’ll be largely taking a break from making and performing music through his popular What So Not project this year.

The project initially began about a decade ago as a collaboration between Emerson and fellow Sydney artist Flume, with the latter departing the project after releasing a handful of singles together.

Emerson pushed on solo, developing a dedicated following along the way with frequent touring and an assortment of vibey future-bass bangers, releasing debut studio album Not All the Beautiful Things back in 2018.

All that’s understandably taken a bit of a toll, and the producer has been doing a lot of reflection.

“Most of you have seen & heard about the devastation thats taken place in Australia. It has me thinking about what really matters in this world & this life,” Emerson commented in a statement.

“I’ve done something like 400 shows in the last 3yrs. It’s been exhilarating & fun but I’m taking some time to reset time with friends & family, time to craft & capture everything I’ve been thinking & feeling.”

“I want to pull myself out of the ‘routine’ of it all & make sure everything I do is 110%.”

Emerson says there will be a “few scattered shows” around the world that are yet to be announced, and there’s also a record on the way, but that he’ll be otherwise “offline” for the most part this year.

See the full statement below.

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