Are These The World’s Most Unpopular Music Opinions?

Thanks to the trending Twitter hashtag #UnpopularMusicOpinionHour, peeps from all over the interwebs are sharing their most unpopular musical opinions, covering topics as controversial as the Foo Fighters’ musical abilities, Nickelback’s existence in general and whether or not The Beatles were actually good.

We’re talking some very personal opinions here — sensitive stuff which can get tensions rising. With that in mind, here are some of the most interesting (but not necessarily correct) unpopular music opinions from the Twittersphere:

(WARNING: You’ll probably agree with some of them)

In the interest of fairness, and because Music Feeds staff have opinions too, here are our thoughts:

“Foo Fighters have and always will suck,” says Creative Director and Dave Grohl fanboy Mitch Feltscheer.

“The Rolling Stones are a bunch of hacks who stole all their ideas from less successful black musicians,” says Reporter and guy-who-is-angry-at-Mick-Jagger-for-stealing-his-name Mikey Carr.

“Reggae is the most annoying genre,” says me, the reggae-lovin’ Tom Williams.

Catch a selection of some other great #UnpopularMusicOpinionHour tweets below, and the full flood of tweets over on Twitter.

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