Wu-Tang-Clan @ Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne 2016 / Photo: Nikki Williams

Wu-Tang Clan Vow To Put An End To Sydney’s Lockout Laws

The Wu-Tang Clan have (for the first time to our knowledge) weighed into NSW policy debate.

The rap supergroup featuring RZA, GZA and Ghostface Killah expressed their disdain for the state government’s party-killing lockout laws (which have also killed plenty of venues, jobs and foot traffic while increasing the amount of violence in Kings Cross per capita, mind you) during their show at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion overnight.

Addressing the almost 5,000 punters in the house, team Wu Tang promised to get the controversial laws overturned.

“We heard y’all got some new laws,” Defacto group leader RZA (Robert Fitzgerald Diggs) told the crowd (via the Daily Telegraph).

“We going to to get these laws changed for y’all.”

Speaking at the end of the group’s set, RZA added that Wu-Tang would be hosting their after-party at Bondi Junction’s Jam Gallery because of the “crazy” laws.

His words come less than a week after 15,000 people took to the streets of Sydney in a mass demonstration against the lockout legislation, toting a variety of hilariously appropriate signage.

One way that Wu Tang Clan could help enact their vow to abolish the lockout laws is by penning a letter to the NSW government in the wake of the legislation’s current review.

And anyone who truly wants to see the laws GTFO should do the same.

Wu Tang Clan are currently in the midst of their first Australian tour in five years.

Earlier this week, fans in Melbourne got treated to a special performance that saw the clan rap with Paralympian Dylan Alcott. 

Their tour will wrap up in Brisbane this Friday. Catch all the details here.

Wu-Tang Clan – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne 23/02/16 / Photos: Nikki Williams

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