Wu Tang Clan’s GZA Is Collaborating With ‘Blade Runner’ Composer Vangelis on New Album

In news that will leave hip hop and ambient music fans either quivering in excitement or scratching their heads in confusion, Wu Tang Clan member GZA has just posted photos showing him in the studio with legendary film composer Vangelis, the Academy Award winner behind the soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

The album titled Dark Matter, was first announced back in 2012, with GZA having taken his time on it, we assumed being some what pre-occupied with Wu Tang’s $5 Million album.

Speaking of his plans for the album back then, GZA detailed his desire to make and album the lyrically explored some of the academic fields the rapper has long been fascinated by. Set to feature songs about quantum physics, astronomy and more, the 72 year old Vangelis is a perfect collaborator, his epic instrumental compositions famous for space like sound.

Some of the most iconic film music ever recorded, Vangelis’ synth filled compositions for Blade Runner, as well as other films including 1492 Conquest of Paradise, Alexander and especially his theme song for Chariots Of Fire have gone on to transcend both the films and Vangelis himself.

The first time the he has ever worked with a rapper, that GZA has managed to coax the legend back into the studio for the first time since he worked on the soundtrack to the 2012 film Trashed is very exciting.

One wonders whether the Greek composer has been lured back by GZA’s out of this world lyrical content or if it’s possibly an out of this world production fee.

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