The xx Confirm There’s An Australian Tour In The Works

The new album by British three-piece The xx I See You is expected to be released on Friday, 13th January, and now the band have revealed that there’s definitely an Australian tour on the cards.

The xx, who are currently hanging out in our lovely country, spoke with triple j today. When asked whether they’d be returning to do shows after the album’s release, Oliver Sim said in not-so-cryptic fashion “Yes… wink wink, nudge nudge, we are coming back.”

Romy Madley Croft clarified the cheeky comments shortly after, saying “and we’re really excited to come back. We really love being here and we’ve always had such a great time playing for Australian audiences.”

The band have already revealed a couple of songs from the new record including On Hold and I Dare Youand they also revealed that the rest of the album have a much happier vibe than their previous two records.

“You know what? I think there are moments where we’ve definitely cheered up quite a bit… ” said Sim.

“I think there’s some of the more joyous and upbeat moments we’ve ever made,” agreed Croft. “It’s pretty eclectic, which I think is a good snapshot of us and our music tastes. We’re pretty open-minded when it comes to music.”

They also posted a super cute photo to Instagram upon touching down in Australia yesterday, which you can check out below.

Listen to the first sample from The xx’s forthcoming third album On Hold, below

Watch: The xx – ‘On Hold’

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