Yellowcard Violinist Recovering From Thyroid Cancer

After a harrowing struggle with thyroid cancer since December 2011, Yellowcard violinist Sean Mackin has posted a statement declaring that he is winning the battle, getting stronger and stronger every day.

The Ocean Avenue hitmaker’s Twitter has been absolutely inundated with tweets of support, love and hopes for a speedy recovery. The statement, which was dropped on the band’s website, explains Mackin’s thoughts of the days following the discovery as “filled with fear and grief. Obviously. The scariest part is waiting to find out if the cancer has spread, and what else was infected with this bitch of a disease. In my case, it infected my thyroid and a small amount spread to nearby neck tissue. My newly assembled team of doctors were optimistic I would have a favorable outcome. They told me I would have a pretty invasive neck surgery to remove my thyroid and other tissues that may have been infected.”

Following two surgeries and chemotherapy, Mackin has had the cancer and some surrounding neck tissue removed. Though the battle is won, the war still continues. Mackin remains positive, announcing he is getting stronger and stronger every day and holding hopes high.

“Between myself and my team of doctors, we remain optimistic. I always think to myself, what does that mean? Well, the surgery caused some trauma to muscles that stabilize my vocal chords. So other than a few cracked notes, I should heal over time and recover my full vocal range. The other challenge is trying to dial in the chemistry of my body that has been altered. I have always had an unusual amount of energy. It seems now, about twice a week, I am without that energy. Which is probably a good thing for my traveling party. All kidding aside, I love music. I love my band. I will continue to tour with them and support our upcoming release.”

Yellowcard are set to return to Australia for the first time in 5 years to play a series of intimate dates. There is no word yet if Mackin’s health will affect the tour, but judging by the support and love sent from their fans, it’ll be hard to keep them away!

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