The band “Zeal & Ardor” is all set to release their new album “Grief” on Friday, 23rd August.
Photo by Noemi Ottilia Szabo / via Supplied

Zeal & Ardor Announce New Album ‘Grief’

The band “Zeal & Ardor” is all set to release their new album “Grief” on Friday, 23rd August. The band grows and evolves just like any other sentient being. Its form might change with the seasons but the spirit remains the same. 

The band was formed and fronted by Manuel Gagneux and has been growing since then. The band has gotten worldwide critical acclaim and is on its way to release its fourth full-length album, Grief. “The GRIEF is a lion, a snake, and a bird,” says Manuel, while talking about the name of the album. “During the parade, he turns his backside to the aristocrats and sticks it to the man. It reflects where we are.”

Albums by Zeal & Ardor

Photo by Noemi Ottilia Szabo / via Supplied

The last three albums of the band ‘Devil Is Fine’ (2017), ‘Stranger Fruit’ (2018), and ‘Zeal & Ardor’ (2022)- have been praised a lot by the fans, and also received appreciation from NPR, Metro, Brooklyn Vegan, Alternative Press, Kerrang, Paste, Metal Hammer, The Guardian, and many others. 

In this album, instead of going solo, Manuel decided to take his other bandmates on the board as well. Tiziano Volante on guitar, Marco Von Allmen on drums, Denis Wagner on vocals, Lukas Kurmann on bass, and Marc Obrist on vocals. All of them came together and created this masterpiece that they named ‘Grief’. 

“We’ve evolved into a tight-knit unit,” says Marc. “Before Zeal & Ardor, we were strangers, but we’re like a little family now. Each member brings his unique flavor to the mix, and we all try to make Manuel’s songs better in our way. The most interesting part for me was the new approach of how we work together in the studio.”

 “I wanted to expand upon what we had and introduce new colors,” Manuel adds up. “There are angry and accusatory moments, but there’s also some solace and happiness. I’m widening the palette of colors we have to paint with. These are avenues we haven’t tried.”

‘Grief’ will be made available on CD, transparent vinyl, and also digitally. You can pre-order on 26th April from here.

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