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Gerard Way Talks My Chemical Romance Split: “All The Joy Was Gone”

Written by Sarah Bella on November 29, 2013

Footage has surfaced of ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way at Sydney’s Graphic Festival last month, opening up about the demise of the band and MCR5, the outfit’s fifth album that never happened, admitting that “all the joy was gone”.

The 36-year-old vocalist said he had in fact been finished with the band after the release of their smash album The Black Parade, but was unable to admit it to himself. “Paralysis comes from not being in line for what’s true for you and by the end of Black Parade I had in fact said everything I wanted to say.”

Way then goes on to explain that the music he tried to make prior became increasingly angrier and darker:

“I started to work on a record that was a concept record about a group of parents in a support group because they had all lost their children in a horrible way and that was supposed to be the last record. And that’s not a story I wanted to tell.”

Audio of Way performing a post-MCR song, entitled Millons, also found its way online after the event, which took place at Sydney Opera House on Saturday, 5th October, with the singer having previously posted the lyrics to the track online.

Watch: Gerard Way Talks My Chemical Romance

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