31 days, 31 artworks: The Road Less Travelled at Gallery Red

“’The Road Less Travelled’ is the road of a printmaker. Dragging her press behind her, dropping ink and paper on the way. Every day with tiny tweezers she extracts an artwork from under her skin, drawn from her subconscious, the images come quickly.” – Helen Daley

“The process of art making for me is one of trust in the daily practice. I can’t really know what will happen but if I keep painting, drawing and playing with ideas something grows and reveals itself.”- Cate Dudley

What happens when you ask a bunch of artists to make one work a day, for a month?

“31 Days: The Road Less Travelled”, which opened Friday September 2 at Gallery Red, is the answer to this question.

This annual, cross-disciplinary exhibition offers an insight into the daily artmaking practice, habits and developments of mostly emerging artists in the development of ideas and creation of artworks, with artists this year following ‘The Road Less Travelled.’ It features artworks by Patricia Asquith, Margaret Carey, Tania Castaing, Helen Daley, Cate Dudley, Kerry Freeman, Sally Mowbray and Kirsten Smith.

By Margaret Carey

31 Days: The Road Less Travelled

Gallery Red, Shop 11, 131-145 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

Open until September 27.

Main image: ‘Love and Lergies” by Cate Dudley.

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