The New Pollution: # 012 – Oh No! Yoko

Oh No! Yoko are a fun little Canadian band that write songs about growing up in the 90s and feature human Tetris pieces in their videos. Self-described on their Facebook page as “internet savvy” (re: genre) it’s pretty clear the band were made for blogs just like this one. Fortunately, unlike so many bands tearing it up in the “blog-o-sphere”, these guys make music you don’t send to the recycle bin after one listen.

Lyrics centre on cultural references and the usual teenage experience, while the musical backdrop is guitar-indie with a splash of math-rock and some emo keyboards. I’d recommend these guys if you’re into Black Kids, The Thermals, The Automatic and Foals to a lesser extent. Also suitable for kids who rocked out to Motion City Soundtrack back in high school.

Oh No! Yoko brought out their first EP independently (entitled Pau Pau) in June of last year and it’s available on iTunes as well as their Bandcamp. Given them a listen if you remember Vidiot, Push-Pops and Here’s Johnny by Hocus Pocus (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HETmJ5ftsY)


Oh No! Yoko – Go Alien


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