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Caleb Hearn on the Artists Who Influenced His Debut EP ‘We’re Getting Older’

At 22 years old, the career of Caleb Hearn is just getting started. But the material on the American singer-songwriter’s debut EP conveys the impression he’s already done some serious living. Titled We’re Getting Older, the Nashville-via-North Carolina artist wrote and recorded the release while coming to terms with his first major heartbreak.

“[I was] having to learn how to be happy on my own,” Hearn said in a statement. As is often the case, songwriting proved an effective form of therapy for Hearn. “I was able to finally pour out exactly how I was feeling into the music,” he said. Here, Hearn names five artists whose music influenced the songwriting and production on We’re Getting Older.

The Artists That Influenced Caleb Hearn’s Debut EP


From the use of emotional connection to the melodies and flows chosen in his music, NF has played a huge role in my life. With this EP, I have drawn a lot of inspiration lyrically that touches on similar topics such as love, heartbreak, and growing up. Specifically, I drew inspiration from NF with my song ‘Were Getting Older.’

NF talks a lot about the trials and battles that come with growing up and how it’s okay and normal to struggle with that process. Also the title of my tour – ‘I’m Not Crying, You Are’ – stems from something NF often does in his music, where he talks about deep emotional topics but in a light and almost humorous manner.

Alexander 23

The way that Alexander 23 uses unique atmospheric elements in his production inspired aspects of the production on my EP. I used similar elements in some of the songs, from distorted reverb guitar to atmospheric pads. I fell in love with Alexander’s production and wanted to emulate that sound.

Dean Lewis

One of my biggest inspirations while writing any song is Dean Lewis. He opened my eyes to the idea that simplicity in writing can be what connects the most. For this EP, I wanted to be as honest as I could be with my writing. I also wanted it to be easily digestible for all audiences so everyone could find their own meaning in the songs, much like how Dean Lewis connects with his listeners.

Zach Bryan

The storytelling that Zach Bryan incorporates in his writing had a massive influence on me when making this EP. My song ‘It Wasn’t Me At All’ is a story from top to bottom that has a very descriptive writing style much like that of Zach Bryan. I love how Zach can draw people in to a story that is so specific to him as the storyteller and artist.

Clinton Kane

Clinton Kane is my go-to example of an artist that captures an emotionally driving force, something I strive to incorporate in my songs. The way you can tell he resonates with the lyrics when he performs, the pain you hear in his voice, is so powerful to me. I wanted to dig deep on the performances and vocal takes on this EP to get that same passion in the songs.

  • Caleb Hearn’s We’re Getting Older is out now.

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