Hockey Dad Take Us Behind The Scenes Of Their National Tour

Earlier in the year, Leisure Coast besties and rockers Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming better know by their street name Hockey Dad dropped their brand new album Boronia. Soon after the drop, the band loaded up the van and hit the highways of Australia for a run of headline shows. Of course, varying degrees of chaos ensued.

“Seems like every show we play gets more skitz each time, which is mad,” Billy tells us. “[It’s] Sick to see the crowd having a hell fun time too… there were no idiots hurting each other, just plenty of stage dives and shoeys, which is harmless fun I reckon.”

The boys were cool enough to let Music Feeds tag along for the run, which included shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. The band were joined by cohorts Horror My Friend, who appear to have been willing participants in much of said chaos.

Now, while the boys wash their smalls and nurse their hangovers, let’s go through their personal photos…

Hockey Dad

“Flights to Brisbane were delayed for hours so we snuck into the Virgin Lounge to tuck into some brekky beers… bumped into these legends doing the exact same”

“Brissy was insane… and to top it all off, we came across the first Hockey Dad tattoos we’ve ever seen”

“In between Brissy and Melbz we managed to squeeze in Like A Version… was sick fun”

Hockey Dad

“It was sick to come home and play Yours & Owls festival in our backyard, catching up with heaps of mates and sinking too many cold ones… here’s a photo that sums it all up.”

Hockey Dad

“All the shows were crazy, but Sydney was skitz… even our quiet and reserved manager Dan went for a few stage dives.”

Hockey Dad

“We decided to tag the wall in memoriam and show off our beer goggles… seems to happen a fair bit in Adelaide.”

Hockey dad

“Life in transit can be miserable sometimes, but not for this pelican.”

“It may have been a short tour, but it was real tough saying goodbye to these legends. HMF n HD 4 eva.”

Hockey Dad

“Now we’re back home doing what we do best.”

Hockey Dad are now back at home, resting and working on their next album. They will play Fall Festival Lorne later in the year. This self-directed video for their track ‘Jump The Gun’ gives us a little glimpse of their hometown and local surfing comp.

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