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Written by Michael Carr on July 2, 2009

“I do have to settle down,” Jordie Lane explains about his on tour behaviour. “I have a long way to go still, and I shouldn’t have had so many beers after some gigs, but it’s hard when you’re in a pub. What else are you meant to do?”

Damn straight Jordie, damn straight.

“The best thing about the road though is you can start fresh again each new place and even if its a trick of the mind, it makes you fell rejuvenated as you go.”

Rejuvenation of the slumberous sort is of particular relevance to Jordie Lane’s music, specifically to his debut LP Sleeping Patterns.

“Ever since I was born I have loved staying up as late as I could, and being a full time muso means I can still do that… So it should be pretty obvious that I hate mornings… But the irony of this album is that much of it was written in the early morning, although I must admit that is from staying up all night,” he concedes with a laugh.

When asked about whether his reluctance to tuck in at night might have had an effect on the song writing he’s emphatic in his response.

“Oh most definitely! You tend to have different phases of drowsiness, then manic bursts, then dark thoughts. These are all complimented by the fact that you get this overwhelming feeling that you have the power of the whole world all to yourself when everyone else is sleeping, like some hippy spiritual thing, tapping into some kind of unseen energy source.”

The album itself is a timeless wander down familiar roads of blues, country and folk, somehow given new life by being seen through Jordie’s weary and bleary eyes.

“I really like the idea that the music comes across as timeless. I listen to a lot of old music, but I spend a lot of time indulging in modern pop culture in the form of television and internet and maybe its that combination which makes it hard to put it in a time specific basket.”

Currently on tour, and as mentioned before needing a bit of a break from the ah, “rigours” of life on the road, Jordie reflects on the place the madness started. The Melbourne album launch.

“It was a great weekend. Sold 2 shows out, but I think some people were disappointed because I had announced that it was a sleep over (in the theme of the album title and all), and some folk brought their sleeping bags with them. But the venue weren’t to happy about people crashing. So lets just say it was like a bomb site on the day after at my house. I couldn’t let them freeze in the streets?”

Having recorded Sleeping Patterns with of host of veteran Melbourne musos I eagerly ask if Jordie will be bringing any friends along.

“Well No. When we all get rich and famous we can take a 20 piece melbourne super band around the world, but till then, much of my touring is solo, or putting together local musos to form the band… And might I say Jeremy Edwards and George from The Dust Radio band are bloody brilliant playing my stuff.”

With a reputation for delivering an amazing live show I ask Jordie to explain what makes one of his gigs different from the album. “I have a lot more songs I do and I’d say I think the live thing is more what I’m good at , than recording to be honest. I’ve done so much over the years and I love playing with the audience and interacting with them… Rather than just song, song, sip of water, song.”

With an already weighty plate of achievements on his sturdy musical dining table Jordie seems relaxed and confident about the future, an attitude both rare and envied by most on the music industry right now.

“It’s a great feeling to have the album done. There’s a sense of relief definitely, and also a sense of closure. Many songs on there have been written over a long period of time and to have them out there on a record gives it almost like a stamp that says “there you go Jordie, you can move onto something new now.”

And move he will with a host of different projects on the horizon. “Well looks like I’ll be doing many collaborative project. A pop album and a blues record… oh and I would like to make a film… and be a goats cheese farmer.”

Sure mate, get some sleep.

Jordie’s debut LP Sleeping Patterns is out now and be sure to catch him when he plays The Vanguard with Lamplight, Lanie Lane and Adrian Deutsch this Saturday July 4th.

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