Music Feeds Podcast Episode #103: Yellowcard

Yellowcard have taken a step forward on new album Lift a Sail, and frontman Ryan Key will be the first to tell you. In addition to marking a progression in the band’s sonics, the new record follows a period of personal change and upheaval for the frontman, who’s gearing up to release the album this October.

“We are super anxious as always. It’s getting down into the final month of waiting for people to hear the whole thing,” Ryan explains, though he jokes that the wait may not be that long. “I’m sure we won’t have to wait a whole month, ’cause it’ll be streaming on 14 different websites for promo before it’s released.”

“This record is a big step for us,” Ryan adds. “I think we’re heading off into some new direction that we’ve found and as a band are very excited about. I think the record is gonna be no less than polarising among fans. I think there’s gonna be people who are supper excited and super ready to hear something new and then there’s always those fans who just want you to make the same record over and over again.”

With such personal themes running through the new album, we asked Ryan if he was reticent at all to share himself with fans. He explains, that he was most concerned about the opinion of his wife, a pro snowboarder who suffered a spinal cord injury last April that left her paralysed from the waist down.

“We have gone through this experience together as young adults… so as I was writing these songs obviously the whole year has just been a roller-coaster of emotions, both triumphs and terrible pitfalls. I was mostly afraid of how much of this do I let out because how much does she want exposed?”

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