Music Feeds Podcast Episode #107: Atreyu

Recently reformed California metalcore favourites Atreyu have already kicked off their comeback with hometown shows and will be bringing the mayhem to Australia for Soundwave in February next year. We managed to catch some time with drummer and clean vocalist Brandon Saller who let us in on what it’s been like, coming back.

“We always knew we had really great fans but I don’t think we realised the extent that was until we went away and what the reaction’s been since we’ve come back,” he gleams. “It’s been insane and I’m feeling good about life and it’s an inspiration to get out again, for sure.”

He says the band faced a lot of outside pressure to reform after they announced their hiatus in 2011, but they knew they ultimately had to make the decision on their own terms. That time away has proved to be invigorating, with the “reincarnated” band now knocking out “blistering” new tunes in the studio.

“It feels like we’re 19 year olds again,” says Saller. “I’m bummed to play some of these new songs ‘cos I can’t like, be a kid for them. I can’t punch people in the face during the song….I already told my drum tech that he’s probably going to have to play a song or two at this show we’re playing next week ‘cos I’m probably going to stage dive into the pit!”

While making the decision to reform may have been a long process, Saller says choosing to play Soundwave was a “no-brainer”. “Soundwave is a festival that we’ve wanted to do for a few years now, we’ve just never had the opportunity…it just didn’t line up right, but it was an easy decision to make.”

“Especially because the line up is ridiculous. The line up is just silly every year. Literally every good band in the world goes to Australia one time to play a show.” Earlier this month, Atreyu unveiled their first new song since the reformation, So Others May Live. Stream it below.

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