Music Feeds Podcast Episode #108: Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic are back with their brand new record, Great Divide. The Scottish alt-rockers have been working on their second album since the day after they finished their 2011 debut, Free. That’s according to bassist Ross McNae, who spoke with our Mike Hohnen about the process of making Great Divide.

McNae kicks things off by remarking on the positive feeling in the Twin Atlantic camp at the moment. “We put everything we’ve got into making this record,” McNae notes earnestly. So now that’s it out… and we know some people are listening to it, I guess that’s what’s fuelling the positivity.”

Twin Atlantic have every right to feel optimistic, having survived the dreaded second album curse and emerged with a solid sophomore effort and two superb singles. “We went into it saying, ‘Oh, shit. Second album. Here we go. It’s been nice knowing you guys,” McNae admits. “I think we managed to switch ourselves off from [second album pressures] and just focus on the [idea of] ‘Let’s just make this good.'”

McNae reveals that he’s already turned his attention to the next Twin Atlantic album and that despite their restless drive, the band have taken stock of what they’ve achieved on Great Divide. “Getting to listen to it when it was finished and the pressure was off, it was pretty cool. It’s almost like a snapshot of your life,” McNae explains. “I think we’re pretty proud because it sounds like us having a good time.”

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