Music Feeds Podcast Episode #79 – Kaiser Chiefs

UK indie mainstays the Kaiser Chiefs recently unveiled their fifth full-length effort, Education, Education, Education & War, which follows a somewhat tumultuous period in the band, sparked by the departure of drummer Nick Hodgson. We recently caught up with bass player Simon Rix.

“This is an album that we worked really hard on. We think it’s very good. We’ve tried to step up a bit, we sort of had a little jeopardy in the band with Nick leaving. I think we felt like we have something to fight for on this album. We’re getting the band back on track. We put a lot of work in,” said Simon.

“Not many bands on their fifth album are in the same place as we are, where we feel like there’s a buzz and people are anticipating [the album] coming out,” he continued. “I think most bands fall into a role where everyone is just cruising along, like cruise control… I think we needed a shake-up.”

Speaking about Hodgson’s split from the group, Simon said, “The band was literally broken, but we didn’t wanna throw it away. We wanted to fix the problem, so we went away and regrouped and tried to work out… I think we tried to work out what it was we loved about being in the band.”

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