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PREMIERE: Dolly Dagger’s New Single ‘Tower’ Inspires To Reclaim Power And Confidence

Australian-born singer-songwriter Dolly Dagger is all set to release her new single ‘Tower,’ with a music video, which is set to be released on Wednesday, April 10th. Music Feeds is premiering the single a day before its official release, giving fans an exclusive sneak peek into her new single.

Dolly Dagger shared the meaning and inspiration behind her new single. “We all have those moments in our lives where we make it out the other side of something impactful or that changes us and making it out is one thing, letting it go and reclaiming your power or confidence is a whole other challenge.”

She further explained. “This song presented as real opportunity to vent but I didn’t want to give any more power to the past so instead of repeating it negatively, it was important to me that the lyrics depicted what I did about it and how I recovered from it or how I felt pulling myself out of it not as a victim but as a victor of my own self and identity.”

Dolly Dagger – ‘Tower’

‘Tower’ draws inspiration from the tarot card symbolizing growth and overcoming obstacles. Dolly Dagger explains that the song reflects her journey of reclaiming power and confidence after enduring challenges. With powerful guitar riffs and electric vocals, the track embodies resilience and victory.

The music video, also self-directed and produced, showcases Dolly Dagger and her collaborator Jesse McInturff in medieval-inspired scenes, battling dragons and navigating perilous landscapes. Dolly’s creative vision extends beyond her own work.

You can stream the new single ‘Tower’ here.

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