PREMIERE: Fiona Apple Meets Enya On Grammy Nominee Aurelia’s Fresh Single ‘America’

Melbourne’s Aurelia has returned with a breathtakingly cinematic new track, dubbed ‘America’.

Premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, the Grammy-nominated songwriter’s fresh solo offering can best described as the musical intersection of Fiona Apple’s boss lady musicianship and Enya’s celestial sonic magnificence, a verby wash of string-drenched, starry-eyed Lana Del Rey-esque vocal tapestries.

“I could never have imagined how powerful it would feel to realise the sound I had been chasing so long..” Aurelia tells us of the new track. “Strangely it feels like falling in love.. I just feel braver.. More hopeful and more like myself…”

On the process of writing the tune, she also reflects: “I was staying in a friends arts studio in L.A. at the time, and was mostly just trying not to join the 27 club…

“I remember waking up one morning surrounded by all the 1920’s Hollywood golden era charm in Koreatown, and I felt this strange sense of hope. I literally woke up, as the song says, on a bed with no sheets and watched it rain,” she continues.

“This is the moment ‘America’ was born, and following that, the recording process of ‘America’ is what gave birth to the sound that I hear for my music, turns out that feeling I had was destiny.”

Catch the musical magic of ‘America’, premiering below.

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